What does "Ori Tahiti" means ?
It means tahitian Dance
What are the basics moves in Ori Tahiti ?
  • TA’IRI TAMAU : All that is balanced
  • FA’ARAPU : The rolled
  • VARU: Infinity sign, lying eight
  • TUMANI: Circular pelvic movements
  • ORI’OPU: Belly dancing
What are the different types of dance?
  • OTE’A  : A dance with traditional percussion
  • APARIMA : Dancing and singing
  • PA’O’A  : Dance performed on traditional percussion and dancers begin to knee or sitting. We recognize that dance to the rhythm “e … i, EEE… aa”
  • HIVINAU : Dance invented by the Polynesians first arrived browsers. It became a joyful dance where the dancers are usually in a circle, one recognizes it as they sing onomatopoeia “hiri’a ha’a, hiri’a ha’a ha’a “.
  • APARIMA VAVA : Is danced sitting or kneeling. The dancers mime scenes of everyday life
What to know before you dance?

Prior to dance, you have a story, a concrete theme, a historical fact or legend. We write texts and dancers interpret, you can not dance without theme. Often there is a stage speaker who proclaims the ‘orero. The speaker tells a story and makes more understanding dance. This theme is illustrated through the gestures of the dancers and choreography, movement, etc.

What is a good dancer ori Tahiti?

In addition to being flexible, you need skill and endurance. A good dancer is someone who manages to convey emotion to the public. A dancer who transmits an emotion is necessarily beautiful, it has presence. During a show, your eye is caught by a dancer who is not necessarily on the first line.