Thank you for all your kind comments and support :) ,  Heimana

Salut, je regarde beaucoup tes vidéos de rythme et je suis vraiment fan de ce que tu fais. Wow C’est vraiment super le partage que tu fais. … maururu pour tout le travail que tu fais et ton partage

Geneviève C. / Facebook

Am I correct in that all the beats you list are authentic Tahitian beats used in Tahiti? Yours is the most effective site we have ever found for learning beats. I wish to thank you for your efforts. … your site is a great help. Mahalo!

Trista S. / Facebook

hola muchas gracias por la informacion de los “pehes” en verdad nos sirven mucho !

Capitan D. / Facebook

Merci beaucoup pour vos vidéos to’ere sur youtube! … vos vidéos ont été très utiles! J’ai téléchargé votre pehe spreadsheet et je suis étudiant maintenant. Merci encore pour votre aide!

Charlie / Facebook

Bonjour, je tenais à te remercier pour ce partage de connaissance pour la musique, les instruments, merci énormément, c’est vraiment agréable, de voir tes vidéos et ça motive pour apprendre davantage. Crdlt

Teko / Youtube

thank you for the videos, greats

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Chivishawaiiana / Youtube

Very good! Thanks for posting

toere99 / Youtube

Thanks a lot for this vids, they’re helping me a lot, this is great, thanks a lot

frogthesystem / Youtube

meci a toi pr ces Vidéo… C sympa!! ^_^

Alucard C. / Youtube

Hi just wanted to thank you for all the work you do to share your knowledge of drumming. Our little group in Canada, far from Tahiti, is having so much fun with your stuff. Thanks!

Colleen M. / Facebook

thank you for the sharing the toere beat.  Not just sharing it, but also, breaking it down.

Michael / Email

Greetings from New Zealand.  I would like to thank you for uploading your amazing website.  At last someone has taken the time to break down these drumming beats!

Ashley / Email

Your tutorial videos are really cool!!

Rena / Email

ia orana i like you website very interesant

Carlos / Facebook

je tenais à féliciter ton travail remarquable et notamment la partie vidéo … Trop top ! Et partager ce travail, c’est carrément dans la tradition orale des choses … ^^

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Thanks for sharing!! I appreciate so much that you give your time, tips and your knowledge

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Thank you so much for posting these tabs!  Maruru!  …  I’m so grateful to have found your tutorials!

Michelle / Youtube

HEIMANA MANUIAGEEK!,  I’ve just heard all your karaoke and instrumental songs on Youtube I did’nt heard before!,  as: “Mohi Mohi Te Mori”,  “Mareva”  (different versions),  etc!!!   (J’aime plus les ukulele versions parce qu’il est bien traditionnelle, je crois).   Mauruuru pour ton Musique.

Joseph L.G. / Facebook

I just happened upon your website and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found it.  You have so much great content. I really like the way you’ve documented the various pehe as well as provided video showing them being played in all their variations.  I’ve already bookmarked your page in my browser as well as followed you on YouTube.

John / Email

esta genial…waaaaw. padrisimo

Javivis B. / Youtube

gracias por compartir el conocimiento, es maravilloso lo que yo he aprendido en todos los vídeos, gracias por amar el ori tahiti de esta forma

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I’m a begginer playing toere. Your videos helped me a lot but not just me also my group , so thank you thank you!! … Take Care and keep doing videos Greetings from Mexico

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Mauururu pour ton travail et bonne continuation

Manu H. / Facebook

Hi, thanks a lot for all those vids you have uploaded, they have been helping me a lot, they are perfect, thanks a lot.

Hugo Alberto P.E. / Facebook

Aloha! I’ve been learning and practicing to’ere beat variations for about 6 months now and I noticed your channel on youtube! This is the first time I’ve seen anyone break down all the different beat variations and I’d like to thank you!

Jonathan S. / Facebook

Good job!

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amazing! thanks for sharing! :D

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thanks for these tutorials. They are so useful, keep them coming!

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Todos sus vídeos están excelentes, gracias por compartirlos ;)

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Love these toere tabs that you have!!!

musicwack / Youtube

Just brilliant!!! I am learning the toere, but was struggling with the tunes. Your lessons make it easy to follow and I now know the different names and notes too.


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Kia ora Heimana – this site is awesome!  I only just stumbled upon it purely by accident as i searched through the web looking for a toere instructional site just like this.  What you have done is awesome!  Many thanks for all your wonderful work in uploading all of this.

Jayson / Email

Hi, thank you for your awesome videos! Te aroha nui from Mexico!

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J’apprécis beaucoup ton partage sur ton site web avec tout le travail que celà représente

Didier / Email

C’est totalement GEANT le travail que tu as fait. Sacré boulot.

Dominique / Email

I enjoy your presentations.  I am on kauai in hawaii.  I enjoy the traditional pehe, harmony and clarity of the toere mua / ropu / muri. it is refreshing and your work is much appreciated.
mauruuru roa
Aroha Nui

Mike T. / Email